Introducing “Valorant”, A New Competitive Shooter By Riot Games


    In an announcement that has rocked the gaming world, Riot Games has announced a new tactical shooting game called Valorant

    Valorant is a 5v5 shooter that emphasises strategy and teamwork. There are multiple characters with varying abilities which will be part of the game’s competitive bedrock. The gameplay and graphics seem to be a heavy cross between Overwatch and Counter-Strike:Global Offensive which isn’t a bad move for the basis of a successful competitive shooter as those are two of the biggest games in the competitive market.

    A trailer with alpha gameplay was released alongside the official Valorant website, which provides further details on the game, as well as an option to subscribe via email for more updates. While the trailer isn’t indicative of what the finished product will be, it does give a glimpse into what Riot Games is trying to accomplish with Valorant.

    It appears the game’s character abilities will be a bridge Overwatch and CS:GO players in terms of how centralizing they are to the meta, and the development team of Valorant is emphasizing their focus on the game’s performance as well as the netcode, which is reassuring as several popular multiplayer games have been known to suffer from poor netcode.

    You can watch the full trailer for Valorant below:

    Will Valorant be the next big esport? We will find out soon enough; Valorant’s release date will be sometime in the summer of 2020.