Mitchflowerpower Makes History With Super Mario Bros. 3 100% World Record


    It was a landmark achievement in Super Mario Bros. 3 speedrunning on February 7th, 2021 when Mitchflowerpower achieved a new world record in the 100% category with a time of 1:09:58s.

    For years, records have been within the 1 hour and 10 minutes time barrier. Mitchflowerpower became the first person to break through to 1 hour and 9 minutes (or the “69 minutes” as Mitch calls it.)

    The 100% category involves clearing all stages in the game, as well as defeating every Hammer Bro in the overworld. The category is very competitive, with over 100 submissions on, and with only a 10 second difference between the world record and the 3rd place runner.

    Mitch previously held the world record for the 100% category with a time of 1:10:01s. On top of breaking through a new time barrier, he also strengthens his hold on the world record by a few extra seconds.

    Additionally, Mitchflowerpower holds the world records in the Any% Warpless and Any% [No Wrong Warp] categories in Super Mario Bros. 3. He’s also well known for his AGDQ runs, as well as his skill at completing Kaizo Mario ROMs.

    The full 100% world record run can be seen here.

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