5 Of The Worst Video Game Songs Ever


Video game music has produced some of the most banger songs to bless our ears. From Koji Kondo to Nobuo Uematsu and countless others, there is no shortage of iconic video game music in the past few decades.

Of course, we only remember the truly great ones. There are plenty of middling tunes that are forgotten. Then there are the rare cases of songs that stick out in your mind…for all the wrong reasons.

We found five of the most horrid tracks to ever be featured in a video game, for your listening displeasure. You don’t have to enjoy them, but it’s important you know that they exist.

5 Terrible Video Game Songs

1 . Evergrace – Buying Goods At Palmira

I’m fairly certain that they composed three different songs for this area, asked which one should be in the final game and the director just said “Yes.” There are moments where you can potentially spot some nice elements in the song, but the overall result of this tune is that I’m buying goods at a market with a heart rate of 250.

2. Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball – Options / Credits

This is the type of song you would send to your mortal enemy with a follow-up note that “the volume is pretty low, make sure to crank it before playing.” The tune itself can be relatively catchy but it’s more than offset by whatever devilish instrument they decided to execute this song with.

3. Crazy Bus – Title Screen

The only thing I can say about this title screen music is that it is a perfect example of truth in advertising: this is exactly what it would sound like if you were riding a Crazy Bus. Whether or not that is something people would actually want is a separate topic of discussion.

4. Tomba! 2 – Conversations & Events

This song has its own place in video game history thanks to one of the most awkward speedruns of all-time, but when removed from that context, it is a song that is scientifically crafted to drive you insane, and it plays frequently enough throughout the game that it will do just that.

5. Spider-Man 2 – The Game Pizza Theme

In some sense, it fits perfectly within the context of Spider-Man 2, but there is no denying that this is not a…pleasant tune to listen to. Pray that this time of game music remains a relic of the PlayStation 2 era.

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