Here Are The Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Update Details


    Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is on its way here! Champion Edition is the next major upgrade for Street Fighter V following Arcade Edition, and it’s looking to be the definitive version of the game.

    A stand-alone retail version will be made available, and all players who previously purchased either Street Fighter V or the Arcade Edition will receive the update for free (although any content added in Champion Edition will have to be purchased separately.) This begs the question though: just what are we getting in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition?

    We’ve got all the info you need and more right here!

    Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Upgrade Kit

    If you’ve played Street Fighter V recently, you’ll have noticed plenty of ads plastered throughout the game advertising the new add-ons comping in Champion Edition. From stages to characters to outfits, there’s lots to be excited about.

    Seth in Street Fighter V

    The main antagonist in Street Fighter IV is making a grand return in Champion Edition! Seth will be made available as soon as the upgrade drops on February 14th, and this time will have a female default form. Seth is looking strong as ever, and with his V-Skill being able to use his opponent’s own moves against them, he’ll certainly add an interesting dynamic to Street Fighter V.

    Costumes, Stages, And Music

    Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is a worthwhile purchase because it will give you access to all 40 playable characters in the game, as well as over 200 costumes and 34 exciting stages to fight on. The process of having to buy the multiple season passes over the years will have been an expensive one, but Champion Edition will give players full access to the wide variety of content in the game for around 30 bucks (note: a base copy of Street Fighter V will be required to purchase the upgrade kit.)

    Improved Netcode For Street Fighter V

    While this won’t be immediately available on release, Street Fighter producer Yoshinoro Ono has announced that Capcom is working to install a patch that will drastically include the netcode for Street Fighter V.

    It cannot be understated how important this is for Street Fighter V. While still immensely popular among casuals and pros alike, the netcode in the game can often leave a sour taste in players’ mouths. In fact, a user recently created a mod that allowed PC players to patch their netcode and improve it substantially. This left PlayStation 4 players in the dust, and especially made things rough during crossplay battles. An official mod to improve the netcode will make online play much better for all Street Fighter V players.

    There is scheduled server maintenance, likely to prepare for the launch of Champion Edition, which will begin around 10AM PST on February 13th. While the update will automatically download for players who already own a version of Street Fighter V, purchasing additional content will have to be done through Steam for PC users or the PlayStation network for PS4 users.

    Street Fighter V: Champion Edition will be available starting on February 14th, 2020.