The Best Seth Combos In Street Fighter V

seth combos in street fighter v

With the newly released Street Fighter V: Champion Edition update, perhaps the most exciting addition is the new character Seth, the main villain from Street Fighter IV.

Seth’s V-Trigger allows him to copy an opponent’s move and use it for his own combo game, which can make for some incredibly creative and devastating combos.

We found some of the best early day combos featuring Seth. Check them out and see if you want to implement them in your game!

The Best Seth Combos

1. All The Bars For Half The Life

Pochclo23 found a devastating combo to punish a whiffed EX Dragon Punch. It requires a V-Trigger and full bars to pull off and it’s very technically demanding, but the end result is quite literally depleting half of your opponent’s health bar, as well as racking up a ton of stun. Plus, who doesn’t like landing a 24-hit combo, if for no other reason than to show off?

2. Big Damage With Nash’s Scythe

ElChakotay was able to pull off a meaty 30+ hit combo that made use of Nash’s Sonic Scythe. It uses up a ton of V-Trigger meter but it also deals enough damage to remove half a character’s health bar so…might be worth it?

3. One Bar Corner Carry

If you don’t have a ton of resources, this combo will still be attainable; DragonSoulOP found that using Gill’s Monosault Knee Drop will allow Seth to carry the opponent almost a full screen length into the corner while only using one bar. It’s not as damaging as some combos but the ability to place someone in the corner means it can put Seth in a great position.

4. The Combo Game Is Real

Vagabond is once again showing us the combo potential of the character, landing a 30+ hit combo on M. Bison. While this is another combo that uses up all your resources, the amount of damage and difference each combo is depending on the character really showcases Seth’s creativity.

5. Cancel EX Tatsu Into Corner Carry

Shotos beware; SunMate has found that by canceling EX Tatsu into VS Dash Dragon Punch, you can carry the opponent a significant distance. It seems like getting people into the corner will be a Seth specialty.

6. Seth-On-Seth Action

While most combos featuring Seth have been against other characters, lildom911 has found that Seth’s combo game against himself is also quite impressive. The V-Trigger is really showing just how foundational it is to Seth’s most devastating attacks, and it’ll be interesting to see just how often it swings the tide of a match

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is really looking to be the most complete version of the game, and while these combos are only early demonstrations of what Seth can do, it’ll be fascinating to see just how the character plays out in the tournament scene.