The New ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Trailer Looks Unreal


    Sure, Final Fantasy VII Remake might have gotten delayed a month from March to April, but this new trailer will surely tide players over…or just tease and infuriate them even more that they have to wait just that much longer. Either way, this trailer is good.

    A new theme song for the game makes its debut in this film, composed by none other than famed Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu, who was also confirmed to be working on the game’s music in some capacity. The game will be released in the form of multiple “episodes” as the development team felt trying to fit everything into one game would require cutting too much content.

    On top of showing off the cutting-edge graphics through cutscenes, the trailer also gives us various gameplay clips which demonstrate the new action-RPG gameplay as opposed to the traditional turn-based style of the original 1997 game. We’re shown various characters being used, special attacks, summons, and the freedom of movement that’s sure to breathe new life into this classic title.

    The trailer might contain some spoilers for people who’ve never experienced the story before, but for those who want to get a tiny of glimpse of what’s to come, be sure to give it a watch:

    Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released on April 10th 2020 for the PlayStation 4.