The Best Byleth Combos In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


    Byleth has finally dropped in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! While the final character of the first Fighter Pass had a lukewarm reception when they were announced compared to other characters on the pass, that wasn’t going to stop Smash players from all over the world trying to figure out the best ways to play the character. Even though the character hasn’t been available for even 24 hours, there are some devastating combos that have already made their way on social media.

    While it will still take some time to figure out where Byleth falls on the tier list, one thing is for sure: the character is unique, and is sure to generate some highlights in the coming weeks.

    For now, let’s enjoy a few select hype combos for Byleth: Day One edition!

    The Best Byleth Combos In Smash Ultimate

    1. The Fire Emblem Master At It Again

    Ryuga is no stranger to Fire Emblem characters, having mastered both Ike and Corrin. This combo is pretty simple and slow looking, but it’s a devastating kill confirm at fairly early percents. Ryuga has already found neat tech for the character, so be sure to check out his stream!

    2. The Best Day 1 Byleth

    Top player ESAM wasted no time figuring out a devastating kill combo for Byleth, using the up special to set up an airdodge trap where he punished with the down special. The setup seems to be good against heavier characters. Be sure to peep ESAM’s Twitch channel for more on the character!

    3. 0-Death On Deck

    This combo seems to be avoidable with proper directional influence (where the player being comboed holds the control stick in a certain direction to avoid getting comboed further.) But if it lands, it will destroy someone’s stock. And either way: it looks awesome.

    4. Leave Donkey Kong Alone!

    Donkey Kong has had a rough go versus Byleth so far, and this combo is no different. Watch as the classic ape is carried off the top.

    5. Just Don’t Get Hit

    The name of the game seems to be using Byleth’s down-tilt move and their up special to create situations for big damage. This 74% combo is just one of many examples, and it’s looking like Byleth can freestyle a lot of their moves once they get started.

    The meta for this character is only going to keep evolving in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for even more devastating Byleth combos!