Mew2King And SonicFox No Longer Part Of Echo Fox

    Photo credit: TempusRob

    It comes as no surprise to announce that both Mew2King and SonicFox are no longer affiliated with Echo Fox after the company announced it was disbanding back in October. 

    Mew2King made the announcement on January 31st in a statement on Twitter, thanking the team for over three years of support and stating he would be open to offers from other teams.

    While no official statement from SonicFox has been made, the references to Echo Fox have been removed from their Twitter bio, replaced with SonicFox’s email for business inquiries.

    It’s believed that these players have been serving out the rest of their contracts under the Echo Fox brand; dekillsage announced he was parting ways with the organization on January 15th, and it is expected that the number one Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player MKLeo will announce his free agency as soon as his contract expires.

    Mew2King, SonicFox, and dekillsage are not expected to be free agents for long, each being titans at their respective fighting games and commanding large audiences on social media and Twitch. While they will undoubtedly be fine in the long run, it’s sad to see the Echo Fox team fall apart after its time as the hub for the top fighting game talent in the world.