Top Super Smash Bros. Melee Player Passes Out On Stream, Gets Banned From Twitch


    It was a roller coaster of a night for Cloud 9’s Mang0.

    After watching the Philadephia Eagles move one round closer to the SuperBowl, Mang0 proceeded to get absolutely plastered while streaming, with one clip showing him consuming whiskey off of his EVO trophy.

    It all came crashing down for him when he appeared to pass out on camera. The stream continues to roll for a few minutes before it goes offline. Mang0 didn’t return to the stream for the rest of the night.

    Mang0 is one of the greatest Super Smash Bros. Melee players of all-time, winning multiple titles over an 11-year career. He has the largest fanbase in the scene, with his high-octane gameplay having been a crowd favorite for years now. This, on top of his charismatic personality, laid the foundations of his incredibly successful stream – he had just 10K monthly subs a few days before this incident.

    People gravitate towards Mang0 because of his chill and welcoming personality. He’s also done much in recent years to avoid starting beef with other players; indeed, when Team Liquid’s Salem posted a Twitlonger a few weeks ago that was highly critical of Mang0, the Cloud 9 streamer rolled with the punches and diffused the situation by simply not responding.

    Unfortunately, the laid back, cool environment that Mang0 has built seems to have come back to bite him; as Mang0 is known to drink quite a bit on his streams, it’s seemingly become a staple. But last night might’ve gone too far, as evidenced by him getting a 7-day suspension from Twitch (which he seems to have also taken in stride.)

    While many fans made light of the event, there were many comments notably concerned about Mang0’s excessive drinking. On top of the fact that Twitch seems to be cracking down on certain types of content, the destructive nature of alcoholic consumption has many fans worried about Mang0’s future. Mang0 acknowledge this, although not before claiming that he never did, in fact, pass out.

    While there’s sure to be many memes made about this situation, it’ll be interesting to see how Mang0’s streams change after the week suspension, as Twitch is likely to keep a sharper eye on his channel.