A Heartbreaking Video About The Realities Of An Aspiring Twitch Streamer


Twitch streaming has become a new craze in the past few years, and it’s easy to see why: watching a fun, entertaining personality play through your favorite games is an enjoyable experience, and many Twitch streamers have created a cozy environment that people want to be a part of.

This was magnified in 2018 when it felt like Twitch really sprung into the mainstream, with streamers such as Ninja playing games with big-time celebrities such as Drake, big esports leagues signing major deals with the company, and a huge surge in popular streamers. The media starts reporting about the six-figure to million-dollar paychecks that some of these entertainers are bringing it, and when you see Ninja appearing on the cover of ESPN Magazine, it’s exciting to think about how video games and esports are growing into something huge.

But, much like those who aspire to be professional athletes, actors, or musicians, there’s an increasingly large group of people at the bottom of Twitch who are grinding hard with little to no results. They see the temptations at the top – the massive viewership, the onslaught of subs, the growing fanbases of people who just love to watch video games – and they want a piece of it. As it is with these types of industries, most people don’t get there.

That’s what Yuber found out.

Yuber streamed on Twitch for years, grinding away as hard as anyone could to make it his career. He did everything you could’ve asked: play the popular games, make connections, put yourself out there, and so on. He acquired over 6000 followers which, while not as big as the heavy-hitters, is still respectable. On the surface, things could’ve been looking good, and it appeared he was having fun.

Then he released a video titled “What streaming has done to my life

In the video, he confesses that the grind has taken everything from him – friends, girlfriend, other jobs and careers – all from the grinding of the stream. What he says is one part of the message, but what he shows is another: his room is a mess, straight out of an episode of Hoarders, his room representative of someone who has surrendered everything to achieve a dream, and the dream is about dead.

When there are factors that are outside your direct control, it’s easy to get bitter, or even more common, to think it’s entirely your own fault that you haven’t succeeded. But it’s important to remember that industries such as Twitch are random, with many outside influences affecting whether or not you ever see any form of success. Because of this, it’s advisable to make something like Twitch streaming a hobby, or an aggressive side passion, rather than something you bet everything you have. If the winds come, then sure, sail away, but make sure other aspects of your life don’t rot.

You can watch the whole video below:

It’s worth noting that the video gathered over a million views since it was posted, and Yuber’s Twitch channel now has over 26,000 followers; so maybe a little honesty and openness can go a long way!