‘Cuphead’ Is Getting An Animated Series On Netflix


    When your game based on old 1930s cartoons is so good, it actually becomes its own animated series.

    Netflix and King Features Syndicate will be bringing a new animated series to the streaming service called “The Cuphead Show!” Based on the 2017 indie hit Cuphead, a run and gun game that uses the animation style of 1930s cartoons as seen by Fleisher and Walt Disney studios, the series was announced on July 9th, 2019.

    Little is known about the series so far, but here’s what is clear:

    • The series will have a similar animation style to the 2017 game, but it won’t be drawn traditional pen-and-paper methods, instead going for a mixture of hand-drawn animation and digital methods.
    • The series will feature Cuphead and Mugman travelling across Inkwell Isles, featuring new characters and locations that were not in the original game.
    • The series will mainly be targeted for children, although game creators Studio MDHR expect that there will be some gags and humor intended for a more mature audience. 

    There is no word on a release date, but anticipation for this Netflix adaptation is already very high. Only time will tell if the game’s unique style and story will translate into a quality animated series!