ARMS Character For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC To Be Announced June 22nd


    It’s been several months since Nintendo announced that a character from the Switch fighting game ARMS would be the next DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

    There has been next to no new information since then, and with many events and announcements being delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re getting this reveal a little later than expected. Still, the wait will be over come Monday and it’s very likely the character will be available to play this month.

    The livestream will showcase the ARMS character’s gameplay for the first time, which has been the source of much speculation; ARMS is a 3D arena-based fighting game, much different from the 2D platform fighter that is Smash. However, considering they’ve made RPG characters such as Cloud work flawlessly within the genre, we can expect the ARMS character to fit right in with a new, unique style.

    The ARMS representative will be the first new DLC character of the Season 2 Pass, as well as the first new character since Byleth was released in January. While DLC characters such as Joker have found a comfortable spot on the Ultimate tier list, others such as Banjo and Terry seem to have faded after their initial popularity, while nonetheless having top professionals get results for these characters.

    Because of how long Nintendo has been silent about Smash since revealing the ARMS character DLC, many speculated that a new fighter would be announced next time Nintendo did an official livestream. However, Nintendo of America’s Twitter was quick to snuff that out, stating:

    There will be no further new fighter reveals other than a fighter from ARMS in this livestream.

    Nintendo of America

    While this particular direct might not touch on any new fighters, the DLC pass still has five unannounced characters, so the hype isn’t going anywhere. It’s worth noting that most characters are released a few months apart so, if nothing else, we’ll have new information on the next DLC character before the end of the summer.