Mixer To Shut Down And Partner With Facebook Gaming, Ninja And Shroud Now Free Agents


On July 22nd, one of the primary streaming websites, Mixer, will no longer be around, as reported by The Verge on Monday. Microsoft will be merging Mixer’s assets, as well as their partners and streamers, with Facebook Gaming.

Microsoft’s Mixer had a steep hill to climb, launching in 2016, much later than Twitch’s beginnings, and they were never able to find their stride to make themselves a strong competitor. 

The site offered some unique perks that convinced some streamers to pick them over other outlets, and they invested heavily by purchasing the exclusivity to personalities such as Ninja and Shroud, but they weren’t enough to get Mixer where Microsoft needed it to be. Mixer’s apps and affiliates will redirect to Facebook Gaming in the coming weeks to streamline audiences to the new platform.

Facebook Gaming is a solid investment for Microsoft to send their assets too; the platform has already made moves to improve their streaming user interface by acquiring talent such as ZeRo. On top of bringing in their audiences, these high-profile streamers also offer insight into how Facebook Gaming can improve the experience of streaming on the platform.

The Verge states that another big reason for Mixer merging with Facebook Gaming is due to xCloud, a game streaming service that Microsoft plans to launch by the end of the year. Mixer was supposed to bring in the numbers that Microsoft wanted before xCloud launched but they were unable to reach them. Merging with Facebook Gaming will allow them access to the much larger audience, which could be a huge boon for xCloud’s initial launch.

Additionally, The Verge reported that Ninja, Shroud and other Mixer exclusive streamers are now free to stream wherever they please; they will not be forced to stream exclusively on Facebook Gaming.

Whether or not Facebook Gaming plans to pursue any of the former Mixer talent to try and sign some exclusivity deals remains to be seen.