The Best Min Min Combos In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

min min smash ultimate

It’s been a long wait since it was revealed that an Arms character would be the next DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but on Monday, the character was finally released.

The Arms representative turned out to be Min Min, as revealed in a Nintendo stream on June 22nd, and the character’s unique style has led to many players grinding for the past couple of days to try and find the best tech. It’s the first new character since Byleth was released in January.

We gathered some of the best and most interesting combos in the first couple of days to showcase the potential the character has. Check it out!

The Best Min Min Combos In Ultimate

1.Living On The Ledge

ATATA, one of the top Ness players in the world, showcased a couple of setups that can effectively punish characters who do regular getup when on the ledge; for some of the lighter characters, they can be KO’ed from this setup as early as 50%. Punishing regular getups effectively can be difficult, so this setup will surely come in handy for keeping opponents on their toes.

2. The Lab Results

Snasen posted a series of combos that showcase the many kill confirms you can do with Min Min. The combos account for different ways people can DI, as well as if they buffer airdodges. It shows how strong the character can be when her tools are used to full potential. If these confirms have already been discovered, it will be very curious to see where the character goes in the next few months.

3. The Combo King

While you’ll never see this combo in a tournament due to items being banned, it’s still incredible to watch. Prince is arguably the best ever when it comes to creative combos, having won the Super Smash Bros. Combo Contest at Super Smash Con twice. Using three items (two Uniras and a Super Launch Star,) Prince has created a devastating and aesthetically pleasing combo with Min Min.

4. A Game-Changing Punishment

Top Young Link player Zan discovered a useful tech that, while not a combo, could prove to be incredibly useful.

Game & Watch players are known to liberally use their UpB move out of shield, due to how fast and safe it is. For most characters, it’s almost impossible to apply pressure on G&W’s shield without getting hit by that move.

With Min Min, the character is able to apply pressure with aerials while also being able to jump during the endlag. This means she can force the G&W to UpB and then get in a position to hard punish the UpB. Assuming this doesn’t get patched, it could be a strong counter to one of G&W’s best tools.

5. Don’t Get Complacent

If you get a grab at the ledge, just toss them offstage and then smack them with the strong, extended arms of Min Min! This won’t be a staple combo since most people will DI out it properly, but if people get complacent and don’t take care of themselves offstage, it could lead to some seriously early KOs.

It’s still early days but Min Min is looking like she has some devastating combos. It will be awesome to see how she does when offline tournaments start up again.