This Smash Player Made A Controller Out Of A Can Of SPAM


If you’re gonna play a spammy character, you better go hard or go home. And now, you can do just that with a controller that fits your style.

Insert Controller Here, a YouTube channel that makes hilarious videos showcasing custom controllers using unusual objects and methods, has released a new video that has made a controller out of a can of SPAM.

The controller uses a Wii Nunchuk for movement and a single button designed for special moves in Smash; as such, this controller is solely for characters that require heavy spamming of special moves.

You can check out the video for the controller below:

While this controller is amazing and hilarious, it might not fit your needs. Worry not! This Falcon Knee Motion Controller will allow you to channel the power of the greatest KO move in the game…or perhaps you need a stronger challenger with the Bop It! Controller. Whatever you may need, this channel has a controller that is sure to bring the salt one way or another.

You can check out Insert Controller Here’s channel for more amazingly funny and awesome videos.