Version 3.1.0 Has Dropped For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Here Are The Major Changes


    A new patch has dropped for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and this one came with some notable changes to characters. Read on to learn about some of the major fixes this time around! You can find the whole list of changes made here on the Nintendo website.

    Version 3.1.0 Patch Highlights

    All Fighters: Wall-Jumping

    One universal change is wall-jumping for characters that are able to do it; you now have to wait longer to be able to wall-jump again in the same direction. This will be a blow to characters that utilize their wall-jumps for a safe recovery, as well as wall-clinger characters.

    All Fighters: Multi-Hits

    In general, this patch did a lot of work to help multi-hit moves connect. It wasn’t uncommon for moves such as Ganondorf’s down-smash, Duck Hunt’s smash attacks, Bayonetta’s up-tilt, and so many other multi-hit moves to just not connect in the ways that they should. The patch makes their success rate much higher, meaning players will be able to use these moves with confidence that they’ll work as intended.

    Captain Falcon Got Buffed

    One of the most epic characters in Smash history, Captain Falcon has received a plethora of improvements on this patch. The sweetspot on his forward air move increased in range, which will be useful for connecting it as a finishing move. A few of his commonly used moves got an increase in knockback, and he also got a tweak in speed. It’ll be interesting to see how the character evolves now that some of his tools have gotten even more useful.

    Pichu Is Hurting

    A notable part of Pichu’s character design is that he takes damage any time he uses an electric-based move. These include many of his specials, aerials, and ground moves. However, the amount of damage that he causes to himself was relatively minor…until now. The new patch has many of his moves causing even more damage to himself, meaning that you’ll definitely want to avoid just tossing out moves and hoping they hit. While Pichu mains will have to be more selective with their buttons, the character’s speed, frame data, and power have remained relatively untouched

    Olimar Loses One Crucial Tool

    Olimar has remained mostly the same, but the few changes that were made will likely have a devastating blow. Olimar’s smash attacks are infamous for being incredibly strong and safe, meaning they can be tossed out liberally and you won’t get punished for them. Well, this new patch has changed it so his side and up smash attacks now have increased vulnerability. While the true effects of these changes won’t be known right away, it’s expected to have noticeable impact on his edgeguarding, comboing, and defensive options.

    Little Mac Even Better On Stage, Still Terrible Off Stage

    Little Mac got increased range and speed on several of his commonly used moves, meaning he will be even more fierce if he’s able to land the stuff he wants to. Players will have to get used to how they would maneuver around Mac, because the speed and range will mean if you’re not careful, you’re gonna get hit hard. Unfortunately, there were no buffs to any of Little Mac’s recovery moves, meaning he is still horrible off stage.