Smash Bros. Legend ZeRo Is Returning To Competitive Play…With A Twist


    ZeRo was, without a doubt, the best Super Smash Bros. for Wii U player of all-time. He won 53 tournaments in a row (a Guinness World Record) and was ranked 1st on the Panda Global Rankings for four seasons in a row before his retirement in January 2018.

    While he was with Team SoloMid for the majority of his Smash Wii U career, he recently announced a partnership with Tempo Storm, and with that, announced he is coming out of retirement to compete in Smash tournaments again for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He already did a one-off event in June – the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Invitational at E3 – which he won.

    Because of this, there is much anticipation for how the legendary player will do at his first event. Things took a twist on December 19th when ZeRo tweeted that at his first tournament, he was going to do something that’s quite uncommon in tournament play: he would go random for the whole event.

    His goal is to become the first player to make Top 8 at a Smash tournament going random. On top of this, because the game’s meta is so new, he wants to help explore and showcase some of the more unknown, less represented characters, and give people a perspective of just how diverse the game is.

    The response has been fairly positive, with many people believing ZeRo will still win the event despite going random, and the idea of seeing a whole slew of characters from the master himself is surely appealing. Some critics are upset that the long-anticipated return of ZeRo is watered down by him going random, as they’d rather see him compete with a character he has full confidence in or someone that he’s actually considering maining in Ultimate.

    Smash Conference, the tournament where ZeRo will make his Ultimate debut, is happening January 5th and 6th. Be sure to check out the details over here.