Capcom Cup 2018: News And Results


    Capcom Cup happened from Dec. 14th to 16th. After a year of hype Street Fighter V tournaments on the Capcom Pro Tour, the best of the best competed for the coveted title. With a $380,000 USD prize pool, whoever walked away with the title would have both glory, and a hell of a payday.

    So, who is the Capcom Cup 2018 champion?

    The Street Fighter V Champion

    The winner of Capcom Cup 2018 was none other than gachikun, a Rashid player from Japan! He defeated a who’s who of Street Fighter V players, such as Tokido (the heavy favorite to win the tournament after a dominant year,) Bonchan, one of Japan’s legendary players, and Fujimara, before he ended up fighting Itabashi Zangief in the grand finals. gachikun lost the first set 3-0 before clutching out the final set 3-1 to take home the title.

    Capcom Cup also featured Justin Wong in the top 8 as the sole American player. He ended up placing 5th, losing to Fujimara and Itabashi Zangief. Many of the heavy hitters such as NuckleDu, Daigo Umehara, and Punk were noticeably absent from the top 8. Last year’s Capcom Cup winner, MenaRD, ended up placing 17th at the event, falling quite short of defending his title.

    With the end of this year’s Capcom Pro Tour, we now get to dive into season four of Street Fighter V, and what better way to start things off than a new character? At the event, Capcom revealed the first character of the Season 4 pass. Who is it, you ask?

    Ready? Fight!

    The first character of the new season is Kage, who can best be described as a new form of Evil Ryu from Street Fighter IV. Kage has many tools that are similar to Ryu, while also having some aspects that resemble Akuma. The character dishes out some high damage, while also have some good speed and mixups to boot.

    While there are no other signs of other characters to come this year, Kage is now immediately available to play. You can check out the reveal trailer for Kage below:

    A huge congrats to gachikun for his big victory! We’ll see if he can defend his title next year, especially with the inevitable wave of Kage players.