Slade Becomes 5th Person To Complete The Super Marihour Challenge


    A new member has joined an exclusive club of people who’ve cleared this unique speedrunning category, as Twitch streamer Slade becomes the fifth person to complete the Super Marihour Challenge, having done so on November 12th.

    The Super Marihour Challenge is a speedrunning category where a player must complete six Mario games in under an hour, the games being Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and Super Mario 64. The category was created by famed speedrunner Darbian, and he also became the first player to complete the challenge.

    Up until Thursday, the only players who have completed the challenge were Darbian, Kosmic, Lackattack and PixelPerfectRuns, with PixelPerfectRuns currently holding the world record for the category at 56 minutes and 11 seconds.

    Slade joins this small club of top speedrunners with a time of 59 minutes and 42 seconds. It’s particularly noteworthy that he didn’t have any experience speedrunning any of the six games featured in the Marihour Challenge when he started six months ago. To be able to learn the various tricks and mechanics and to put them all together in a clean sub-hour run in half a year is truly impressive.

    The Super Marihour Challenge is a great showcase in Mario speedrunning, but completing the challenge is no easy feat: there isn’t a lot of room for errors, particularly in the last game, Super Mario 64, which has several difficult tricks to pull off as well as the Bowser throws. The challenge requires a balancing act between mastering the fastest tricks in all six games while also not going for anything overly risky that could sink your time.

    A sixth speedrunner could join the list of people to complete the challenge soon; SuperMegaDav has been doing runs of the challenge, and currently holds a personal best of one hour and 16 seconds. It won’t take much to improve that run and get below the hour mark.

    For more info on the Super Marihour ranking, click here. Also, be sure to follow Slade on Twitch!