The Best Oblivion NPC Memes


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was one of the great games of the mid-2000s, pushing the open-world and RPG genres to new heights.

Nowadays, Oblivion still has its place in the mainstream culture; this time, in the form of memes. People have been taking the “Harvest Dawn” song and applying it to short random videos of people speaking like NPCs fron the game. The result is next-level hilarity.

We found a few of the best Oblivion NPC videos on the web. Check them out!

Funny Oblivion NPC Memes

The Birds

This guy’s voice, and the story he tells sound like they’re straight out of a classic RPG. You really couldn’t write anything better than this, and the music is the finishing touch on this masterpiece.

Call The Judge

To quote one of the top comments in this video: “Hands down the most unproductive conversation of all-time.”

It’s amazing how many things are mentioned in this 30 second clip, and yet nothing of value was gained. Every line in this video is quotable, making it the most complete Oblivion NPC meme you’ll find.

Biden And The Legend Of The Hairy Legs

President-elect Joe Biden shows off his storytelling by regaling a crowd of people about his hairy legs being rubbed down in the pool. He then nicely wraps up his odd tale by saying that’s how he learned about roaches.

The music really adds the vibe that Biden is a village elder, rambling on about something-or-other. It’s funny…until you realize he’s next up as leader of the free world.

Oblivion NPC IRL

This short video perfectly showcases how weird and casual the Oblivion NPCs can be, how they suddenly leap to action whenever there’s danger, and then how they instantly go back to their mundane selves as if nothing had happened. It’s as endearing as it is hilarious.

Intense Police NPC Encounter

This video could’ve used the battle music at certain points, as the tension between the guy recording and the officer gets quite high. There’s a lot of confusion and hostility, and the Oblivion music just adds a surreal element; if it’s not as funny as the others, it’s just as interesting.

Oblivion NPC Done Perfectly

These guys have made a handful of short videos showcasing just how silly the Oblivion NPCs’ mannerisms are in real life. The head nods, staring off into the distance, and sudden change of tone are all textbook examples of these over-the-top NPCs. We pray to the Nine Divines for more content like this.

There is no shortage of NPC clips on YouTube and elsewhere. Be sure to just search “Oblivion NPC” and dive into a world of hilarity and insanity.