Kosmicd12 Achieves A World Record In Super Mario Bros, Retires From The Category


    When it comes to speedrunning Super Mario Bros. there is one category that has been picked apart and dissected to the point that world records are now decided by a hair. The “Any%” category has discovered many frame-perfect techniques that are brutal to pull off, and only serve to shed milliseconds off one’s time at best. But if you want the crown, you need to be able to do them, and you need to do them when the pressure is on.

    Well, Kosmicd12 has done just that.

    The Super Mario Bros. World Record Run

    Kosmicd12 was the first speedrunner to complete the “4:55” run, which had been considered impossible just a few years ago, and he completed this in September 2018. Even still, the record has changed hands twice since that historic run, and it’s pushed the meta to the point where mastering even the most difficult techniques is becoming a necessity if it saves a millisecond.

    Tavenwebb2002 previously held the record with a time of 4:55:746. Considering how close this category is to being perfected, any world record run was just going to be a hair quicker than the previous one. And that’s exactly what happened when Kosmicd12 finished with a time of 4:55:646. You can watch the run below, as well as Kosmicd12’s reaction:

    What’s Next For Kosmicd12?

    Kosmic has said that while the record can be improved upon, he has no interest in doing so himself, and he feels completely satisfied with this run as he has achieved all the goals he set when he first began speedrunning years ago.

    Kosmic isn’t done speedrunning entirely though; he’s still interested in pursuing other categories, just not the “Any%” category. His channel can be found here, where he streams frequently Super Mario Bros.