Twitch Bans NairoMK For Sexual Relationship With A Minor


Twitch has banned NairoMK, one of the top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players and streamers, after he was accused of, and subsequently confessed to, having a sexual relationship with a minor.

Nairo was one of the many notable figures who was accused of sexual misconduct, harassment and other egregious offenses in the first week of July. In the span of three days, over 60 allegations were brought up, with that number eventually reaching north of 100.

Many top figures in the Smash community, such as D1, Keitaro, ANTi, ZeRo and more, were among the notable offenders, and bans were issued to all of them.

But the Twitch bans are only beginning to roll in now, likely as a result of a more thorough investigation and legal process; Twitch declined to comment on their internal proceedings for how they went about the bans.

The biggest Twitch bans were ZeRo and now Nairo. ZeRo, while officially a Facebook exclusive streamer, still had his channel up. Nairo hadn’t streamed since June 30th but was still receiving money from subscribers who had not cancelled their subscriptions.

The Smash community continues to learn and rebuild after the devastating testimonies that came out in July; many scenes have revamped their code of conduct sheets, and additional measures are being discussed to protect tournament attendees when offline tournaments start up again.

More Twitch bans involving the Smash community are likely still on the way, and will hopefully serve as another step towards healing and rebirth in the greater Smash scene.