Spellbreak: When Will Game Modes Unlock?


Another battle royale has entered the mix, with Spellbreak finally being released on September 3rd.

Spellbreak draws a lot of inspiration from other battle royale games with it’s large map layout, the closing circle and the looting system; the third-person perspective and general movement are quite similar to Fortnite in particular. Where Spellbreak strikes out on its own is its focus on magic rather than guns and other weaponry.

The game is centered around gauntlets that can have one of six elements: Fire, Frost, Stone, Toxic, Wind and Lightning. Each player can wield two elements at once, and the elements can interact with one another to add further dimensions to spells.

Additionally, the game has various runes that allow players to dash, teleport and fly around the map, which play a key role in avoiding the storm, dodging enemy attacks and getting into a better position to launch your own attack.

While Spellbreak launched on September 3rd, players were quick to notice that only the “Squads” mode was available; both “Solo” and “Duos” modes were locked. The reason for this is because Proletariat, Inc., the company behind Spellbreak, wanted to ensure that the game’s launch went smoothly, and plan to fix any server errors before slowly rolling out each game mode.

Solo was eventually unlocked on September 6th, and it’s expected that Duos will unlock around September 15th, although there is no confirmed date. We can expect that all game modes will be ready to go within the first two weeks of the initial launch.

Spellbreak hasn’t drawn in the stream viewership that games such as Among Us and Fortnite have, but it still boasts tens of thousands of viewers, and big names on Twitch such as DrLupo, Lirik and SypherPK have streamed the game so far.

Spellbreak is available for free on all consoles and PC now!