SonicFox And Dekillsage Sign With Team Evil Geniuses


    It didn’t take long for former Echo Fox legends SonicFox and dekillsage to find a new team; both players have signed with Evil Geniuses (EG,) a longtime reputable organisation in esports!

    The announcement came on March 18th, and will immediately shoot EG back into the top of the fighting game sphere. SonicFox is easily one of the biggest names in competitive video gaming, having won Esports Player of the Year and multiple EVO titles in several different games. Dekillsage, on top of being SonicFox’s longtime training partner and a successful streamer, is also a beast in many different fighting games and has competed at the top level for many years.

    The brief announcement for the signing of both players can be seen here:

    While it’s not certain when SonicFox and dekillsage will make their respective tournament debuts for EG, as many tournaments over the next few months have been cancelled due to the coronavirus, this investment is more than worth it, as both players are huge brands in the fighting game community, and their streams will only grow more and more in the coming months as they make up tournament cancellations.

    EG used to have quite a fierce fighting game roster, with players such as Justin Wong, Kbrad and Zinoto all being part of the team at one point. As time went on, the only members of the fighting game division were Ricki Ortiz, NYChrisG and PPMD, with PPMD on hiatus due to illness.

    Signing two of the biggest names in fighting games will rejuvenate the EG brand in the scene, and we can look forward to seeing EG repped in the finals of several major events once FGC tournaments get back up and running.

    If you’d like to learn about what happened to Echo Fox, the team that SonicFox and dekillsage were signed to before EG, head over here!