Slippi Champions League Week 2 – Hungrybox Sent to Division 2


    Week 2 of the Slippi Champions League came and went this past weekend. The online Super Smash Bros. Melee league generated considerable hype in its first week and it continued to do so with more stellar play from the top professionals.

    The biggest story was the massive upset caused by Azel, a Fox main (who was born after Melee was released in 2001.) He defeated Hungrybox 3-2 to secure a spot in Division 1, while also knocking Hungrybox into Division 2. Hungrybox will have to fight his way back to the top next week.

    It was another strong showing for n0ne as well, who followed up his upset over Hungrybox in Week 1 with a big win over Mango in Week 2. Mango was the winner of the first week and has a reputation for not only being one of the best players in Melee’s history, but for also being next to impeccable at the Falcon matchup. Nevertheless, n0ne was able to clutch the set 3-1.

    Mango would ultimately place 3rd in Week 2 and he’ll certainly be looking to recapture that Week 1 magic next time around.

    The winner of Week 2 was none other than Zain, who finished runner-up to Mango last week. Zain was looking especially strong throughout the entire bracket, pulling off tricks with Marth that no one had ever seen and continuing to make his case as the best player in the world. He defeated n0ne in the finals 3-1, and at this point, he is a safe bet for the finals every week in the SCL.

    In terms of promotions and relegations, Captain Faceroll, Azel and S2J are the three players from Division 2 who will compete in Division 1 next week. Hungrybox, Ginger and Wizzrobe will be sent down to Division 2 and will have to claw their way back to the top in a pool of devastating players that include SFAT and Axe, among others.

    Be sure to catch the next two weeks of the SCL over at Beyond the Summit!