C9 Mango Wins Week 1 Of The Slippi Champions League


    The Slippi Champions League is the new hot online tournament series that aims to showcase the best Super Smash Bros. Melee players using the Slippi netplay code.

    With in-person tournaments cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Slippi Champions League aims to heighten top level Melee in a high stakes environment, and let fans enjoy the longtime competitive game once again.

    How Does The Slippi Champions League Work?

    The Slippi Champions League will have two tiered divisions with eight players per division, and they will compete in a single-elimination bracket every week, for a total of four weeks. The top four players in the top division will keep their spot for the next week, while the bottom four will enter into a relegation bracket against the top four of the second division to see who gets to compete in the top tier.

    Avoiding relegation, or getting promoted from the second division, is extremely important, as there is over $20,000 to be won across the four weeks of competition. 

    The Slippi Champions League will also make use of a new broadcast mode that will make the streams look just like an in-person major event.

    Slippi Champions League – Week 1

    The first week of the Slippi’s Champion League was full of great matches and some insane comebacks, a further testament to the quality of Slippi netplay.

    One of the earliest storylines was n0ne defeating Hungrybox 3-2, resulting in Hungrybox placing 5th in the top tier division. Hungrybox avoided relegation by beating Spark, but it’s far from an ideal placing for the number 1 ranked player in the world.

    Players who did get relegated from the top division were Axe, Albert and Shroomed. They were replaced by Ginger, Azel and Axlo, respectively.

    The biggest story out of the first week, however, was C9 Mango taking home 1st place in the top division, clutching out big wins over iBDW and Zain. The finals of the bracket can be seen here:

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