The Best Minecraft Steve Combos In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman from Minecraft are finally playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The fact that Minecraft characters are playable in Smash has shattered the internet, and they have already proven quite popular in online play.

Some players have discovered some very hype combos featuring Minecraft Steve. We found the best ones on Twitter for your viewing pleasure.

The Best Minecraft Steve Combos In Ultimate

1. Up-Smash Galore

This Enderman combo that has three up-smashes was displayed by the Smash YouTuber “why do bad things happen to good people.” The combo showcases the character’s strength when it comes to using blocks to extend their combo game.

2. Block Spike #1

ATATA, a Ness main who’s ranked in Chicago, used training mode to show just how devastating Steve’s blocks can be for spiking characters. It turns out that hitting characters with a strong hit into the bottom of a Minecraft character’s block will result in a powerful spike. As ATATA notes in the replies, there’s a red spark that appears when Ryu is spiked, which means that it might be untechable.

3. Computer-Controlled Combo

The Yoshi main LightSSB showed that solid Steve combos aren’t limited to players’ creativity; the CPU Steve in Ultimate demonstrated how the character can be played, using Steve’s basic tools to stream together a 55% combo. If Light was trying to neutral air out of the combos (a strong tool in Yoshi’s kit) and wasn’t able to do it, that means this combo is as guaranteed as can be.

4. 0-Death Real Quick

This 12-hit combo took Donkey Kong from 0% all the way to a deleted stock. Showcased by Kalium2100, this combo makes use of a wide variety of Alex’s moves, and also demonstrates just how powerful the Diamond-level weapons can be for finishing off stocks.

5. Block Spike #2…And More

Longtime Smash pro Ryuga showed off another block spike, as well as a crucial tool for the Minecraft characters when it comes to edgeguarding: placing blocks in the opponent’s way when they are trying to get back on stage.

Spiking the character off the first block gives Enderman time to set up a perfect second block that prevents Corrin from making it to the ledge. Expect stuff like this to become more commonplace in Minecraft characters’ edgeplay.

6. Minecart Magic

Melpool posted a clip that demonstrates just how powerful Steve’s minecart can be for setting up devastating KOs. Because the minecart stuns characters, it allows Steve to follow Inkling off the stage for a quick spike, and then follow it up with a footstool to finish the stock at very low percents.

The minecart will be interesting to watch as players figure out new and creative ways to make the most of its uses in the meta.

Be sure to keep an eye out on social media, as well as on various Twitch streams, as the Minecraft Steve combos will continue to roll in.