Rumble Gaming Signs Legendary Dota 2 Organization OG Esports


    Rumble Gaming continued to make big moves in the world of esports when they announced the signing of OG Esports, one of the most popular and successful organisations in esports, on Thursday.

    OG Esports boasts one of the most accomplished Dota 2 teams of all-time, having won back-to-back world champions at The International, as well as a host of other major tournament victories. They have since expanded to include a world-class Counterstrike: Global Offensive team, and were featured in the viral Red Bull Gaming documentary Against the Odds

    “OG is one of the most accomplished competitive esports organizations in the history of gaming,” said Evan Kubes, President of Rumble Gaming. “OG is a premium brand with global appeal, and we’re excited to help them further expand their reach.” 

    This signing comes straight after the announcement of OG’s newest appointed CEO, J.M.R Luna. Luna has made it clear immediately that finding the right partners was essential to taking OG to the next level.

    ““I am thrilled to be working with Rumble Gaming and to have them in our corner helping us grow. They are a great company, and we look forward to working with them.” J.M.R Luna said in a press release on Thursday.

    The signing is another high profile turn for Rumble Gaming, a leading talent agency and consulting firm in the esports world; Rumble Gaming recently announced a partnership with PlayersTV, a content distribution platform that’s associated with known NBA stars such as Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, among others.

    OG Esports, while based in Europe, boasts a strong global presence due to their legendary status in the Dota 2 scene. The partnership with Rumble Gaming, which hosts production studios in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles, will prove effective in further growing their popularity in the North American market.

     “We have a lot of fans in the US and Rumble Gaming is the perfect partner to engage brands with our unique DNA and performance-driven approach.” added Xavier Oswald, the Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Owner of OG Esports.

    With Rumble Gaming’s expertise and reach, expect to hear more major news as OG Esports continues to grow their fanbase and cement their legacy as a historic esports organisation.