MKLeo Wins Ultimate Singles At Super Smash Con 2019


    The fifth annual Super Smash Con has wrapped up and boy, what a weekend it was. The convention’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament brought in 2,708 entrants, making it the second-largest singles tournament in Smash history behind EVO 2019.

    TSM’s Leffen put in work in both Melee and Ultimate, 6-0ing Hungrybox to win the Melee tournament without dropping a set, and then finally getting his showdown with Salem before placing a respectable 17th overall in Ultimate.

    But the real story for Ultimate was the eventual champion, MKLeo, going on a tear through the bracket; after losing to Samsora in winner’s semis, Leo defeated Nairo, Marss, Tweek, and Samsora in two nailbiting sets to claim 1st overall at the prestigious event. Combining this with his victory at EVO 2019 last weekend means that MKLeo has won the two largest Smash tournaments ever.

    The top 4 of the tournament consisted of the current top 4 players in the Spring 2019 PGRU list, resulting in those last few scraps to be the toughest imaginable. But nothing could deter MKLeo from his path to victory, and this title will certainly play a large role in helping him defend his #1 spot in the rankings.

    You can find all the results for Super Smash Con 2019 here.