GoldenEye: Source Is the Fan Remake We’ve All Waited For


    People have been pining for an updated version of GoldenEye 007 for years without realizing that it’s been here all along.

    GoldenEye:Source is a remake of the classic N64 title using Valve’s Source engine. It began in 2005 and has remained in active development since then, bringing new updates and ongoing maintenance. The game is a wonderful bridge between the more modernized graphics and the classic feel of GoldenEye for the N64.

    The best part? It’s free to play, meaning you can download it immediately and get right into the action!

    GoldenEye:Source Explained

    GoldenEye:Source is an online multiplayer arena game, meaning only the multiplayer mode is available. No issue, as GoldenEye multiplayer is what we live for. 

    The mod features enhanced versions of all those classic levels that you loved growing up, as well as some single-player levels that were recreated to fit the multiplayer format. There are two types of maps in

    GoldenEye:Source; “Classic” and “Neo,” with classic maps aiming to be as close as possible to the original GoldenEye levels, whereas Neo maps are re-imagined levels that take inspiration from the GoldenEye movie, as well as various other Bond films and other shooters such as Perfect Dark

    The music and sound effects are all as you remember them, only vastly improved in quality. The soundtrack is the result of many different artists’ contributions, all of whom offer their own unique spin on the standard Bond music. It contributes to the overall experience, and no nostalgia glasses will get in the way of these remastered tunes.

    GoldenEye:Source keeps the spirit of the original game while adding so much more.

    Gameplay wise? They’ve done a great job of capturing what made GoldenEye so amazing back in the 90’s: bullets spraying everywhere, zipping around iconic maps, and the pure, hilarious chaos that rises up when many people converge into one area. It won’t feel like some cheap Call of Duty knock-off; the game will feel as GoldenEye should in the modern era.

    Activity For GoldenEye:Source

    While GoldenEye: Source has been in development since 2005, the first official version wasn’t released until 2010. But it wasn’t until the 5.0 version was released in August 2016 that the servers really blew up. Thousands poured in as this version went viral, and while a lot of that initial hype has died off, there remains an active player base, meaning if you choose to try out the game, you’ll certainly find some players. It’s worth noting that the players who have stuck around will be quite polished, and you might get messed up for a bit. Stick with it, and let those ancient GoldenEye skills find their way back to you!

    How Can I Play GoldenEye:Source?

    The official site for GoldenEye:Source will get you all the information you need, including downloads, news, FAQs and forums where you can communicate with fellow fans.

    Now that you know the remake you’ve always wanted is already here, what are you waiting for? Get to it!