Psyonix, Developer Of Rocket League, Set To Be Acquired By Epic Games


    In a world where Disney owns everything, that trend has now bled into the gaming world.

    In an announcement on their website, Psyonix, famous for developing the popular 2015 game Rocket League, revealed that they would be merging with Epic Games with a deal closing by end of May or early June 2019.

    The company was quick to reassure fans and users that nothing would change in the short term, and that long term goals were to bring the game to the Epic Games store, an aggressive competitor to Steam. The move will always help strengthen Rocket League’s presence in the ever-increasing competitive field of esports.

    This move, inevitably, drew some negative reactions from longtime fans, with many users bombarding Rocket League with negative reviews on Steam to voice their discontent. The speculation that Rocket League could get pulled from Steam to become an Epic Games store exclusive is hard to ignore, and although Psyonix has made clear that the team and plans for their game will remain the same in the short term, it is impossible to say what this merger will do for Rocket League and further Psyonix plans in the future.

    Only time will tell how effective this merger will be for Rocket League’s future. For now, things look like they’ll continue as normal, and we will see how the support of a company such as Epic Games will change the game’s prospects.