The Best Super Mario 64 Memes


When it comes to classic video games and the internet, it doesn’t take long for a series of memes to make the rounds. Nothing is safe from those corners of the web.

Super Mario 64, being one of the most popular and acclaimed games in history, as well as a very popular speedrunning title, is no stranger to being a source for quality memes. We grabbed some of the best ones from YouTube; give them a look!

The Best Super Mario 64 Memes

1. Alex Jones 64

Leave it to Alex Jones to be featured in a video game meme again. The basement bunny in Super Mario 64 is notoriously frustrating to catch, and who better expresses that than Alex Jones? Indeed, the bunny is not an intellectual; he’s a fake and a fraud.

2. Eight Red Coins IRL

One of the original great Super Mario 64 memes, this low resolution speedrun to gather all 8 red coins, as well as the various classic sound effects, really make for the perfect clip. Every time the camera angle changes, you hear the same noise as when you move the camera in Super Mario 64.

3. Concussion Land

While he may have made the jump, that slip was anything but elegant. Assuming that he’s A-OK, we wish him the best of luck in Concussion Land.

4. Door Rage

A meme has never been as relatable as this one. I’m sure we’ve all wanted to smash the doors in Peach’s Castle when the game gets too hard, but this guy went ahead and did it. Truly, a man of the people.

5. Red Coin of Death

You haven’t played Mario if you haven’t tried to grab a coin or power-up that ultimately led to your death. Shout-outs to this grab almost making the jump to the ship, but alas, it was not meant to be.

6. Door Dash

We can only assume that the person running at light speed into that well is gone from this world. Press F to pay respect, and keep his memory alive by enjoying this incredible meme.

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