The Best Fortnite Memes Around


Fortnite has taken the video gaming industry by storm – the free-to-play game generated over $318 million in revenue for the month of May, and, when it was released for the Nintendo Switch in June, gathered two million downloads in less than 24 hours. With Twitch streamers such as Ninja playing the game with rap superstar Drake, it seems like Fortnite has solidified itself as a piece of mainstream pop culture.

This is further demonstrated by how many memes have been made using aspects from the game. What started with simple “where we droppin’, boiz?” has now gone into full-meme mode with videos and parodies of other parts of pop culture.

We gathered some of the funniest memes, dumbest memes, and a combination of both for your viewing pleasure. Take a gander and dig into the Internet’s creativity. Warning: Some videos contain coarse language and dankness levels that are dangerous to some. Viewer discretion is advised.

Alex Jones Wins At Fortnite

While he may be banned from every platform imaginable, Hearing Aids has given him the last laugh – a victory royale.

The Greatest Victory Royale Meme Of All Them

I never much cared for Maury as a TV show, but this pop-off was totally worth it in hindsight. Victory royale indeed. (WARNING. LOWER VOLUME LEVEL.)

Minecraft Is Life

The editing on this one is top notch. And who doesn’t feel for this guy?

This Is A Victory Royale

Is it tasteless? Probably. Is it hilarious? We sure think so.

Drop That Beat

This is a hilarious way of telling every Fortnite player to: Always. Check. Your. Surroundings.

These are just a few of the hundreds of hilarious meme videos that have been made of this insanely popular video. If you have a video that you think we’d find hilarious, let us know in the comments below!