The Best Fortnite Rage Moments


Fortnite has become a global phenomenon and a multi-billionaire dollar endeavor that draws in hundreds of millions of players. It’s one of the most popular games for streamers on Twitch. And like any popular multiplayer game, if you play it long enough, you’ll experience salt. Lots of salt. 

And while salt and gamer rage is not something that should be praised, encouraged or condoned, when it happens on video…we just can’t help ourselves from watching. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best and saltiest Fortnite clips for your consumption.

Check out our list for some quality Fortnite salt.

The Best Fortnite Rage Moments

The Misinput For The Ages

We all know that feeling of when we hit the wrong button and it costs us the game; this reaction by ehms is a perfect encapsulation of what that inner despair when we realize what we’ve done, especially when you’re so close to the endgame.

The Age Of Rage

Controller smashes and object tossing are the staples of a quality rage clip, and that’s what we have here. This guy really Hulk smashes the controller, and the uncontrollable laughter in the background really completes the experience. There’s also a lesson here: all of this could’ve been avoided if the man had just built like you ought to in Fortnite.

How The Grinch Raged At Fortnite

This clip by Ricochet Reaper is a great rage clip just with the audio…but the fact that he’s completely dressed up as The Grinch takes it from a great rage clip to an iconic one. It looks like Jim Carrey having a heated gamer moment in Fortnite

Fortnite…Moan Rage?

I can’t say I’ve ever seen someone rage so hard that they apparently orgasm, but here we are. Yungllama appears to moan his way to breaking his equipment over a Fortnite loss. Someone ought to slap a “Brazzers” logo on the thumb for this video.

Tyler1 And Greekgodx Gone Wrong

Tyler1 and Greekgodx are very entertaining streamers on their own, and together they make for a devastating pair. This is no more apparent than in this clip of them playing Fortnite duos and Tyler1 gets snuck up on and knocked out. He proceeds to let the other player know what he’s feeling, in classic Tyler1 fashion. 

Ninja Fortnite Rage

Arguably the most famous Fortnite rage clip, it features vintage Ninja ranting about the double-pump shotgun and then escalating his rant to include references to Chipotle and Kim Kardashian. This was before the family-friendly and more “wholesome” Ninja that we’ve grown to know and love. Yes, this Ninja “unfiltered” and the result is the most glorious rage in Fortnite history.

There is no shortage of Fortnite salt and rage on the internet. But remember, never try this stuff at home!