What Is The “Wombo Combo?”


You might’ve heard it before. The profanity. The hype. The screaming. The mics cutting out. The phrase “That ain’t Falco!” and then roars of “Wombo Combo.” The term has become a somewhat renowned phrase in Internet circles, being featured in everything from League of Legends compilations to real life videos. But what exactly does Wombo Combo mean? Where did it come from? We’ve got the answers for you right here.

Origin Of Wombo Combo

The legendary audio originated on December 6th, 2008, during a Super Smash Bros. Melee doubles tournament. Silentspectre and Tang, the green Captain Falcon and Fox team in the video, were in a doubles match against Zhu and Lucky, the double blue Fox team. After getting rid of Lucky, they pulled off a spectacular combo that had never been seen before on Zhu to take the match. The commentators on the mic proceed to scream and shout a bunch of phrases that to most of us, really mean nothing. Nonetheless, these phrases would become staples in the competitive gaming communities.

What Did “Wombo Combo” Come From?

Wombo Combo allegedly comes from a dish that could be ordered from the Round Table Pizza chain. Indeed, on their website a Wombo Combo is listed, consisting of primo pepperoni, Italian sausage, linguica, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, green onions on zesty red sauce. Worth trying, honestly!

How Did It Spread To Become A Widespread Meme?

While the meme originated from a Smash Bros. tournament match in 2008 (fairly niche by gaming standards) the levels of hype in the audio, coupled with iconic phrases such as “Where you at?” “Happy feet!” and “Get yo ass whooped!” made it premium meme material to spread around. The original video has been viewed over 11 million times, and many other videos have gone viral in their respective communities.

On top of that, Wombo Combo has become a term in competitive gaming circles when talking about team-based games and tactics. League of Legends players and announcers have adopted the term when discussing how to effectively communicate and execute as a team to annihilate enemies and overwhelm the other team quickly.

Best of all, however, are the memes that have come up because of it. The audio naturally places itself over many short, hilarious videos, which makes for quality content.

The Best Wombo Combo Variations

The Best Dodgeball KO

Who says the Matrix isn’t real? This guy went full Neo mode to for the epic win in dodgeball.

Jigglypuff Goes HAM.

Don’t rough up the ‘puff. The audio fits incredibly well with the Pokemon cartoon here. Watch Jigglypuff kick some ass!

Airborne Baseball Player FTW

Sliding into home base is such an old school, outdated concept. The new meta is to take to the skies. Watch this guy get the optimal run, complete with Wombo Combo audio.

Wombo Pongo?!

A little editing makes this video go a long way. Plus, they had to extend the audio – this clip is full of jaw-dropping, hype moments. Ping pong will never be the same.

Now that you understand a little more about this moment and where it came from, hopefully, it allows you to enjoy some of the filthy memes that people have come up with!