How To Play Ryu In Street Fighter V


Ryu has had a rocky road in Street Fighter V; he was considered quite good in Season 1, and then was nerfed into the low tiers in subsequent seasons. Before long, he was forgotten by competitive players.

But there is still so much the character can do, and by putting in the practice, checking out the proper resources, and watching videos of the top Ryu players, you do some serious damage with the world warrior.

Read on for some basic tips on how to use Ryu in Street Fighter V!

How To Use Ryu In Street Fighter V

Learn The Fundamentals

Ryu is all about the fundamentals, so it’s important to grind those out. Having a solid understanding of neutral, being able to zone with fireballs (that is, knowing when it’s safe and optimal to use them and not put yourself in a bad position when using them,) and practicing how to reliably anti-air are all necessary to using Ryu effectively.

Ryu doesn’t have the same capacity for using his V-Skill to turn matches around like other characters, but his ability to do heavy damage when he finally finds an opening can make up for it as long as you know how to play any situation.

Finding the easiest and most optimal way to combo out of a normal move, combo into a Super Art, and combo with your V-Skill is essential to making every interaction you win with Ryu worth it.

Ryu Combos In Street Fighter V

Ryu’s combo game in Street Fighter V isn’t too crazy or demanding, and he hits like a truck; but only if you know what to do. Having a strong and consistent punish game is essential to playing Ryu effectively.

Thankfully, Hushfield created this Google doc that has a ton of beginner-friendly information for those wanting to learn Ryu combos. Hushfield includes gifs to show what the combos look like, explains how each of them are done, and even color codes them based on how difficult they are to execute (blue for light, yellow for medium, red for hard.) Obviously the red combos will be hardest, but the damage could make it worth the effort. Regardless, this document can serve as a great guide as you build up your Ryu’s punish game.

Watch Videos Of Ryu Players In Street Fighter V

Finding top players to watch is a great way to learn when not practicing. It allows you to see what works and what doesn’t at higher levels of player, showcases how to play certain matchups in the game, and gives you a better idea of what to practice and work towards when you play.

There are the legends of Street Fighter such as Daigo and Alex Valle, who will put in work with Ryu based on their decades of experience alone, as well as players such as JustFog and Amkidd who are incredibly strong Ryu players. Of course, using the replay search function in Street Fighter V will allow you to find the top ranked Ryu players online, and their replays will certainly be worth watching.

Practice Makes Perfect

The only way to truly get better is to take all of the above suggestions and implement them while you practice. And you have to practice a lot. Make the most out of training mode to master specifics and then try to implement them against real opponents. The learning curve is steep and you’ll take a lot of beatings along the way, but results will come and your Ryu will be unstoppable.