Historic: The Fastest 120 Star Speedrun Ever Completed In Super Mario 64


    If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare, that’s more than enough to witness the best Super Mario 64 play ever.

    Cheese, the world’s greatest Super Mario 64 speedrunner, has recently bested his own world record for the 120 Star category, this time completing the game in 1:38:51 (hours:minutes:seconds.) This is the first 120 Star run ever completed in less than an hour and 39 minutes.

    This isn’t the first time Cheese has smashed a record in Super Mario 64! On top of breaking his records several times over, he was the first speedrunner to finish with a time of less than one hour and 40 minutes. As such, it was only fitting that he would be the first to break into the 1:38:00 area.

    It’s been a good month if you’re a Mario speedrunning fan; on August 2nd, Taven Webb broke somewes’ record for the Super Mario Bros. Any% category. Another speedrunner, Kosmicd12 would continue to make history by getting a new world record in the Warpless category for Super Mario Bros. and becoming the first speedrunner to finish the game in under 19 minutes.

    If you’d like to see Cheese’s record-breaking run, check it out below. The run is a little under two hours, but the quality of play is so absorbing, it will fly by:

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