Terry Bogard And Sans Making Their Way Into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


    The September 4th Nintendo Direct has come and gone, and the 40+ minute presentation was filled with lots of information on upcoming Nintendo Switch titles. With Divinity: Original Sin 2 porting to the console, further information on The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Pokemon Sword and Shield, there is lots to be excited about if you’re a Nintendo fan.

    But no Direct would be complete without information on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And boy, was there some good stuff revealed this time around.

    Terry Bogard Coming To Smash In November 2019

    If you grew up playing the Fatal Fury series, then the news that Terry Bogard will be playable in Smash will surely hype you up. The character is the 4th DLC character in the Season Pass, with only one more unrevealed character on the way.

    Little is known about how Terry will play in the game, but his reveal trailer will hit you right in the nostalgia, and it shows that Nintendo will do their best to maintain his Fatal Fury vibe.

    Sans From Undertale In Smash…Kind Of

    If you’ve ever played Undertale, you’ve known that there has been a steady campaign from hardcore fans to get Sans into Smash as a playable character. And, well, Sakurai has kind of made it happen.

    Sans is now an optional costume when creating a Mii character, allowing characters to effectively create the character and make him playable. What’s more, Undertale creator tobyfox was brought in to remix one of the songs from the game exclusively for Ultimate

    While hardcore fans may be disappointed that Sans won’t be a unique, fully fleshed out character, it’s worth noting what a historic achievement this is for an indie game such as Undertale. Along with Shovel Knight appearing as an Assist Trophy, it goes to show that small indie games can be just as big a deal as any of the big studio franchises.

    More DLC Characters In The Future?

    Perhaps the biggest news is that, even after the initial five DLC characters in this Season Pass, Sakurai announced that there will be more characters to be developed and released over time. 

    It makes sense, with Ultimate and the Switch itself being best-sellers, that they will want to continue pumping life into the game for as long as they can. As evidenced by almost every character reveal thus far, adding new characters into the game is a great way to renew interest and hype. The only question left is: who else will make it into Smash?

    Years ago, our imaginations would have had limits. But with characters such as Cloud, Snake, Ryu, and Banjo all appearing the truth is that anyone could get in at this point.