Super Mario Maker 2 Update Adds World Maker Mode And More


The final major update for Super Mario Maker 2 has arrived and it does almost everything to round out an already solid creative platforming game.

The game adds several power-ups, some gizmos for level design and perhaps most notably, you can now create entire worlds akin to Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World with the World Maker Mode.

This will be the last major update (barring any patches to fix glitches or technical difficulties) and they have gone all out. The update is completely free for anyone who owns Super Mario Maker 2.

World Maker Mode

The most hype addition in this update is the World Maker Mode, which allows players to create a world map that leads from the starting point to Bowser’s Castle. Along the way you plot out various routes to get there, and then fill the map with your own Mario Maker levels. 

The tools available include being able to make bridges, mountains, add certain aesthetics, and also to add locations such as Mushroom houses and fortresses, among other things. To top it all off, the world you create can be uploaded online for other players from around the world to try out!

New Power-Ups

This Mario Maker 2 update also brings new power-ups, with the most notable one likely being the Super Mario Bros. 2 mushroom, which allows Mario to stand on top of enemies, pick them up, and throw them rather than just stomping on them. There is also the Frog suit from Super Mario Bros. 3 which allows for easier swimming underwater, as well as the ability to run on water.

Other unique power-ups include a Goomba hat which lets Mario imitate a Goomba, and a Bullet Bill hat which zooms the player through the course, so long as they don’t smash into a wall or run out of fuel.

New Mario Maker 2 Enemies

There are several new enemies that can now be added to your courses, including the Mecha-Koopas from Super Mario World as well as all seven Koopalings, the various henchmen that Mario often has to go through before he fights Bowser. Each of them have a different fighting style, so picking the right one will depend on the course you make.

The Mecha-Koopas also differ, with some of them being able to shoot homing missiles while others are able to fire off giant lasers. 

There is lots more to the update as well; for a more thorough breakdown, check out the official Nintendo of America showcase:

Some fans have expressed disappointment that this is the final major update; one recurring gripe is that Super Mario 3D World was the only option under the Extra Game Styles tab in Super Mario Maker 2. Players long held out hope that the game would add more styles in the months after, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Still, there’s lots of great stuff to work with, and it will be awesome to see what people can do with the new World Maker Mode as well as the many options, both new and old, at their disposal.

The update is available today.