New Street Fighter 5 Characters Have Been Leaked


    Steam dun goofed, and now the whole world knows: there’s more Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition DLC on the way!

    A leaked trailer on Steam that was quickly removed allegedly revealed that series staple E. Honda will be making his return, alongside two Final Fight characters: Poison and Lucia. These three will likely be available following EVO 2019 this coming weekend.

    The trailer was uploaded to the official Street Fighter V page before quickly being taken down (it’s unclear if this was an intentional move or not.) We can assume that the characters will be “officially” announced at EVO 2019, with a  “summer characters” bundle to be released on Monday, August 5th.

    EVO, being the largest and most prestigious fighting game tournament in the world, has a history of being the event where new Street Fighter characters are revealed. As it’s a Capcom Pro Tour event, Capcom uses the tournament’s massive reach to generate hype with new downloadable content reveals. After EVO 2018, both Sagat and G were made available for players around the world.

    These three characters join Kage, who was released in December 2018, as the most recent additions to the Street Fighter V roster. Unlike previous years, there is no season pass for characters released in 2019.