Asa Butterfield Signs With Team Liquid


The worlds of Hollywood and esports have merged yet again with actor Asa Butterfield signing with Team Liquid.

Butterfield, who is known for his starring roles in films such as Hugo and Ender’s Game, as well as the Netflix series Sex Education, was announced as Team Liquid’s most recent signing on Wednesday. Details on what Butterfield’s role in the organization have still not been made clear.

Asa Butterfield is no stranger to esports though, tweeting frequently about the competitive Super Smash Bros. scene over the years. He competed in the Nintendo World Championships on 2017. He has also attended Smash tournaments such as Genesis 6 and has even posted Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gameplay clips on his Twitter account. 

This isn’t the first top tier esports team that Butterfield has been associated with either; he also signed with Panda Global under the tag “Stimpy.”

Team Liquid will be a great home for Butterfield, as Team Liquid has been one of the most reputable esports teams for years now, and continues to grow in stature.

While no immediate details have been released as to what Butterfield will bring to Team Liquid, his social media presence and popularity from his acting career will certainly be a strong force in promoting Team Liquid’s brand. He also has a vested interest in several esports titles including Super Smash Bros., Dota 2, and StarCraft II, among others.

If Butterfield focuses more on the Smash side of things, he’ll be joining an illustrious group of Smash players already on Team Liquid’s roster:

  • Hungrybox, the top ranked Super Smash Bros. Melee player in the world
  • Dabuz, a top Ultimate player and streamer
  • ChuDat, a longtime Melee veteran who continues to pose a high-level threat
  • Chillin, a veteran Melee competitor and commentator
  • Ken, the “King of Smash” who was the best Melee player in the world from 2003-2007

It will be exciting what this partnership between Asa Butterfield and Team Liquid will bring to the world of esports.