The Best Luigi Combos In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


    Luigi in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has one of the most devastating punish games of any character in Smash history; a single grab, or the right hit connecting, can lead to an entire stock lost in seconds. 

    However, the character has some notable weaknesses, meaning that in order to maximize Luigi’s potential, every player must master his combo game inside and out, so that every hit is as devastating as possible; only learning the standard 0-death combo won’t be enough.

    We found some of the best and coolest Ultimate Luigi combos, as done by some of the best Ultimate Luigi players in the world. Check them out!

    1. The Neverending Combo

    CrimsonStarFall’s combo game with Luigi is no joke, as evidenced by this very long and extensive combo on the training stage. Every hit of this 21-hit combo is true, although the fact that it’s on a heavyweight like Bowser, plus the length of the stage required for the down-tilts means you probably won’t see it in competitive play that often.

    Still, the combo is beautiful to look at, and devastating if you’re a Bowser player.

    2. The Shulk Slayer

    Benn 9 9 9 is the top Luigi in the Tristate region, and he shows how to get around Shulk. Shulk’s “Shield” Monado allows him to avoid getting combo’d as hard as other characters; Benn implements a different way of comboing the character to deplete his Shield and then finish him off with a fire punch. This combo is creative and flashy.

    3. Up-Throw Combo

    This combo is more unorthodox, using the up-throw instead of the down-throw to start. While not the optimal choice, it adds more flavor to Luigi’s combo game, and could be a good mixup if you can punish the missed tech. There are several replies to this original tweet showcasing even more punishes off of up-throw. Sometimes thinking outside the box can lead to something special!

    4. Unusual Combo Starters

    CrimsonStarFall continues to showcase his creativity with this combo that starts with an aerial fire punch while the opponent is on the ledge. This serves as a confirm into several hits that use the platform to lead to a fire punch KO. This combo is very situational, but it’s a prime example of knowing exactly how to use the stage and the tools available to you as a way of maximizing your punish game.

    5. The Luigi Combo Show

    Venus is a top Luigi player who’s known to post many incredible Luigi combos on Twitter, and this video showcases Venus’ combo ability to the fullest. All of these different combos show just how diverse Luigi’s punish game can be, and they put to use several of Luigi’s moves and finishers. If you’re tired of the standard 0-death combo, these ones should provide some inspiration.

    Be sure to follow all of these amazing Luigi players for more incredible combos. If you want to see more outstanding Ultimate combos, check out this article on Byleth!