The Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Memes


Baldur’s Gate 3 has taken the internet by storm, becoming one of the most acclaimed RPG games in years, as well as one of the most-played titles on Steam in history.

Where the playerbase is large, the memes are abundant. We gathered the best memes found on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit for your perusal. Anyone familiar with role-playing games or Dungeons & Dragons elements will be sure to appreciate these gems.

14 Hilarious Baldur’s Gate Memes

1. Can’t see nothin’

2. I have 0 perception whenever I actually need it.

3. The ship has sailed…

4. Becoming a nocturnal gamer once more

5. EA Games? Ubisoft? Take notes.

6. Surely THIS won’t miss…

7. I have no “rizz” as the kids say…

8. You served us well, Diablo IV.

9. How many save states will I need?

10. Goblin slayers got me feelin’ some kind of way…

11. Being an adult? Perish the thought!

12. No perception to be had

13. Party poopers need not apply

14. What do you mean by Why? You asked me to do it

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