11 Hilarious Memes That Only Experienced Gamers Will Get


The “Tetris effect” is when someone plays so much Tetris that they begin to see the patterns and shapes of a game of Tetris in their thoughts and dreams. Perhaps it’s the brain’s why of gently saying, “go touch grass?”

Regardless, as gamers log tens of thousands of hours across many video games, they begin to see patterns and shapes in the real world that bring back memories of their time gaming. When they share these with the world, the end result is some truly outstanding memes.

Here are some great images that only experienced video game players will understand. How many do you get?

Hilarious Real-Life Video Game Memes

1. What to put in your safe

My most valuable possessions are only two bottle caps.

2. I want to help and I want to hurt

In this modern era, why not both?

3. The only thing they fear…is you

4. Damn…we need to go around.

5. Is he using the Wiggler bike?

Waluigi + Wiggler bike has ruined many a Mario Kart session…


6. Video Game Difficulties Explained:

There is no such path of leisure in Soulslike games.

7. They do be like that

Can I use the Fulton Recovery System on these?

8. EA Sports having a boys night out

The game so good, we need 50 of ’em.

9. What do you mean I’m approaching the weight limit?!

“Stealth is optional.”

10. Time to earn some serious EXP

“Care to earn some extra gold, traveler?”

11. When you finally equip the bombs.

Hit your sword against the cracks to confirm it’s a secret.

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