Did You Know: This Hilarious Meme Fan Art Took First Place In An Issue Of Game Informer


What if memes could also be art?

Every artist gets their inspiration from somewhere, and for a Star Fox fan, they got their inspiration from memes. Specifically, the “doge” meme. And this doge has led to one of the coolest and also hilarious drawings you’ll ever see.

The famous picture of the doge serves as a starting point to a very well drawn, very impressive Star Fox piece. There’s mixed emotions when it comes to this drawing, from the hilarity of the doge’s face to the genuinely impressive ability of the artist.

The best part about this picture? It was submitted to Game Informer as a piece of fan art…and took first place out of all the entries. Yes, this meme-inspired drawing appeared as a first-place winner in the August 2014 issue of a large monthly video game magazine.

Whether or not the editors knew what they were doing, we’ll never know. But for now, we can rejoice in that silly internet memes could actually be…something more.