The Best Alex Jones Memes


Alex Jones is the crown nutjob of conspiracy theories, and while he might have been nuked off of every social media platform, his spirit lives on in the form of memes. And while Mr. Jones has been featured in countless memes, the ones where he’s in a video game seem to have their own unique flavor that we simply adore.

Check out some of our favorite Alex Jones video game memes below, before the deep state tracks you down.

1. Alex Jones Is Bad At Mario Kart

Hearing Aids is the master of Alex Jones meme and they did a great here with Alex Jones having some gamer rage in Mario Kart. The effects here are incredible at making Jones look like he’s in the thick of a Mario Kart race, and his rage accurately describes how we all feel while playing these games.

2. Alex Jones Level Intro

I have no idea what game this cutscene would appear in, but I want to play it so, so badly. The Sega CD vibes are real, and you can genuinely believe this would appear before a level in a classic shoot ‘em up. Somebody please make this game.

3. Alex Jones In “DOOM”

JUSTIN BIEBER. If Alex Jones was meant to voice anybody, it would be everybody in a DOOM game. His hoarse voice complements the game’s setting so well, and with how much he’s going on about goblins, demons, and interdimensional psychic vampires, it’s as if DOOM was made just for him.

4. Alex Jones Dies In Minecraft

Hearing Aids did it again with this Minecraft meme, in what is truly a perfect work. The paper being equipped and the excess of diamonds are just cherries on top of a great use of green screen. We are all in agreement with Alex Jones when it comes to creepers; screw them.

5. Alex Jones Chases The Mario 64 Rabbit

If you grew up playing Super Mario 64, then you know that the bunny was a pain in the ass. Who better to speak for the people than Alex Jones? I have to agree; this stupid bunny is a coward, a fake, and a fraud.

6. Alex Jones: The Bad Ending

With more of this Sega CD format, you’ll truly feel like you failed Alex Jones. The music is an especially nice touch, and will leave you wanting to go back and get the proper ending.

7. Alex Jones With The Epic Victory Royale

It wouldn’t be a meme compilation without some Fortnite. To end our list, Alex Jones finally gets the epic victory royale over Hillary Clinton, and busts out the fidget spinners for good measure. This meme is so on the nose that it both hurts and heals at the same time.

If you have any other Alex Jones video game memes that you want to be seen, please, delete them before Big Brother silences you.