This Guy Is Doing Classical Piano Covers Of Video Game Music, And It’s Amazing


If you’ve found yourself at the crossroads of wanting to listen to both classical piano and video game music, we’ve found the guy to wet your whistle on both ends.

Meet BearKeys, a classical pianist who’s been uploading videos for several years now. BearKeys has released several CD’s and also teaches classical piano. His YouTube career began with covers of popular songs and his own musings, but it really took off as he began tackling covers of video game music.

BearKeys work ethic is pretty impressive; it’s not uncommon for him to be able to crank out a new, high-quality cover once a week, sometimes even more frequent than that. A lot of video game music lacks sheet music online for people to use as a guide. BearKeys gets around this by simply listening to the original song and then recreating it on the piano as best he can. It’s amazing how much of the nuance and feel of the song he is able to capture while giving it a classical spin.

There are plenty of videos to go through and enjoy (over 100 video game song covers!) but we’ve picked five short ones to get you started. Give them a listen, and then head over to BearKeys channel to show him some love!

1. Gerudo Valley – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

2. Terra’s Theme – Final Fantasy VI

3. Menu 1 – Super Smash Bros. Melee

4. Wind Scene – Chrono Trigger

5. Gusty Garden Galaxy – Super Mario Galaxy

Head over to BearKey’s channel for more awesome covers!