Introducing “Hot Juans” – A Parody Of “Hot Ones” For Gamers


Hot Ones has become an Internet sensation, and rightfully so; who doesn’t want to watch an interview with some of the most popular celebrities, where they eat chicken wings that slowly light their insides on fire? The laid back format of the show makes for a great experience…and now it’s made its way to the esports realm

Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma has produced a parody of Hot Ones with Team Liquid called “Hot Juans” where Debiedma and a popular esports guest eating wings that get progressively spicier while discussing various topics on the industry. In the beginning of the episode, Debiedma says that he will continue to make these episodes until Sean Evans, the host of Hot Ones, invites him onto the show.

This first episode with Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez, the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player in the world, has been well-received, and Debiedma does a good job of serving as a personable host who gets the conversation going. It’s interesting to see popular esports personalities in a more mainstream, lighthearted format such as this, especially as the heat from the wings begins to take its toll on both the guest and the host. Assuming that this parody series continues, we can look forward to many more spicy episodes.

You can watch the first episode of Hot Juans here: