Yeehaw! Horses Are Coming To The Sims 4


Giddy up, Simmers!

If you haven’t heard, horses are finally returning to the Sims! I won’t even talk about how long we’ve been waiting for this. Honestly, the moment I laid eyes on a Mini Goat, I instantly forgot all about my grudges.

Yes, Mini Goats, Mini Sheep, and Horses are trotting into our gameplay soon! Aren’t they cute? Though it’s unclear if Mini Goats and Mini Sheep will be part of the household, we can be sure that Horses will be according to the official announcement.

I think I watched the trailer over fifty times since the announcement. Naturally, I’m curious about a few things:

Firstly, will we see the return of the fabled Unicorn? The trailer nor the official announcement provide hints of any kind about the mythical creature. But that makes me all the more hopeful, as backward as that sounds. Chestnut Ridge is the new world coming with the expansion. As of right now, only four known locations within the new world have been revealed (New Appaloosa, Rider’s Glen, The Ranches, and Galloping Gulch). From the sounds of it, Galloping Gulch could possibly be an open layout, similar to Granite Falls Forrest from the Outdoor Retreat Game Pack. In the middle of the night, when the stars are shining brightly and reflecting off its mane, what Unicorn could possibly refuse to gallop freely in an open pasture?

Although it’s possible I’m being overly optimistic, I look forward to the return of my favorite mystical creature.

I’m also pretty stoked about the new music and line-dancing animations. This has me wondering if Sims can play instruments together at hoedowns.

But then again, I might be too optimistic here as well. There’s a good chance we’ll have to wait for a “Band” pack, just like we are for “Cars” and “Fairies.”

If anyone plays like me, I try my best to allow variety among my Sims but always end up choosing the same old hobbies and jobs. Well with an entire Ranch to run, I imagine my Sims will have all sorts of hobbies now.

Nectar making is also making a comeback in this new expansion for the Sims 4. As the announcement states, Sims can stomp fruit, potatoes, and trash of all things.

With ranch animals to look after, the announcement also mentions the ability to hire ranch hands to help take care of chores around the barn.

As a Western fanatic, this game seems to have it all in my opinion. I’m feeling more excited than when infants made a comeback. With so many new things to do and try, there’s no reason for my Sims to get bored, or for me to get bored of playing the Sims and go on a three-month hiatus.

So mark your calendars!

July 20th is the official release date for the rootin’ tootin’ expansion.