If You Like Old School Mega Man, You Need To Try This Fan Game


Mega Man is one of Capcom’s flagship franchises, and the platforming games in the series released in the ’80s and ’90s are some of the most acclaimed titles in history. The 8-bit games are known for their awesome music, addictive gameplay, and ridiculously hard difficulty levels.

Unfortunately, Mega Man fans have had it rough over the past several years, as there haven’t been many titles to wet that platforming whistle. Spin-off games never caught on as well as the main series or the Mega Man X games, and even the newly released Mega Man 11 received mildly positive reviews; while people loved the game, it was just the same old Mega Man.

So, how do you build on a franchise that seems to be stuck in its own design? Well, someone had an idea – turn it into a multiplayer fighting game! So, allow us to introduce you to: Mega Man Arena.

Mega Man Arena

Mega Man Arena was created by KishSquared and launched in February 2018. The idea is simple enough – take the classic 8-bit Mega Man characters and turn them into fighters to pit against each other! The game also uses stages from the Mega Man games, with some stages being stationary while others are side-scrollers.

The game is simple enough: up to four players can use one of the nine characters to try and deplete all of the health of the other opponents on the map. Each character has their own weapons and moves to get the job done, so you’re likely to find a character that fits your playstyle. With options for free-for-alls or teams, you can mix and match the game options to find the right settings for you!

Not in the mood to beat up your friends? You can team up with people and engage in the “Boss Mode” where you work together to fight the various bosses from the Mega Man games. It’s a unique touch to be able to tackle these bosses with some help, but that doesn’t make them a cakewalk – expect to get beat up a few times by these bosses!

You can check out the launch trailer for the game below:

Has the nostalgia hit you and made you feel like trying the game out? You can download it here, where you can also find more information on the game, as well as guides and changelogs that explain what versions of the game are out, as well as how to download them. Spread the word, download the game, and get blasting!